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Destination Enduro

From 5th to 7th of July 2019
in Maritime Alps

The Kenny Enduro Ride takes place 1 hour from Nice, in the birth area of Enduro. From 5th to 7th of July 2019, the fifth edition of this event will not only be about racing but also about discovering new singletracks and spending great time in a friendly atmosphere.

On the menu is  : 3 days of shredding some of the most fabulous trails to satisfy your passion for mountainbiking. Riding through 3 different Valleys with the most stunning views. Sleeping in lodges to recover in comfort. Uplift-Shuttles to relieve your calves, and endless descending stages with more than -6000m on the 12 special stages.


The set-up :
– 3 days of ride in the Southern Alps, THE Enduro Paradise  !
– 6000m of vertical drop and around 2000m of climbing
– 12 special stages
– Accommodation in lodges at Roubion and cosy evenings
– Liaisons by shuttles service, on bike and with ski lifts, so you can make the most of the descents

Accommodation, Food, Logistics :
– Every participant will stay in lodge
– All meals included, provided by the organisation of the Kenny Enduro Ride (lunch on the mountain and breakfast and dinner in the lodge)
– Possible arrival to the lodge on Friday 5th of July without extra fee
– Participants arriving to Nice Airport can be shuttled by the organisation to the lodge (please note when subscribing)

Technical Assistance:
Throughout the race, the Technical Assistance Team from DT Swiss will be available.

Competition requirements:
Being in good physical form, be accustomed to ride in mountains and have a good technical level.

Bike required:
All-mountain or Enduro bike, with minimum 120mm travel.

Equipments requirements :
– Fullface helmet
– Knee-pads
– Gloves
– Backpack with Innertubes/ puncture repair kit, Multi tool and first aid kit
– Elbow-pads are strongly recommended


Limited spaces available: the raid is open to 40 riders only
Price: 595€
Sign-up opening: Now open until 15 April 2019 destinationenduro06@orange.fr
How to register? You have to complete the registration form and send it at destinationenduro06@orange.fr; you will receive a confirmation by email with the necessary indications to make the payment. After this confirmation, you will have 10 days to make the full payment by transfer.

Race Rules:

1 / Description

Kenny Enduro Enduro Ride is a competition with timed special stages, and liaisons on either mountain bike, by shuttle or chairlift.

Timing will be by chip; no imposed starting order, each competitor will manage his departure in a lapse of time defined for each special.

2 / Age & Required Documents(Licence)

This event is open to all competitors from « Junior », licensed or unlicensed. All unlicences competitor must provide an original medical certificate dated within three months  » Fit for mountain biking in competition  » ( these will be returned at the end of the test).

3 / Categories

The award categories are:
– Scratch
– Ladies
– Juniors
– Master 30
– Master 40
– Master 50
– e-Bike

-New in 2019: By team of two people

The General Classification of the race will be calculated by adding all Special Stage times together from all 3 days. The presence of the winning riders is mandatory. Prizes will not be transferred to third parties.

4 / Transponders & plates

Transponders and plates will given to riders presenting their licence or medical certificate from Thursday 4th of July 2019, from 17 PM. Riders will get more information later.

5 / Race Equipment

The competitors must only use bikes in good condition and only with wheel size 26  » , 27.5″ or 29 « . Handlebar ends must be plugged.

The following protections are mandatory:

  • Full Face Helmet
  • Long gloves
  • Knee pads
  • Backpack or backbone
  • Elbow pads are not required but recommended

Wearing these protections is prerequisite for participation in this event, and start may be refused by marshals or race staff if not respected.

It is also strongly recommended to bring spare parts (rear derailleur, chain, pair of brake pads, tire) as there is no shops on the spot.

6 / Course markings

The course will marked with Kenny course tape and Kenny Enduro Ride signs. Competitors must respect the course marking to avoid damaging the environment (prohibition of taking short cuts).

The race staff reserves all right to change at any time the course in order to preserve the safety of participants.

Taking short cuts on course in order to gain an advantage can both damage the environment and brings the sport and spirit of enduro mountain biking racing into disrepute. Therefore, any rider trying to save time by choosing a line that lies outside of the defined trail will be disqualified.

7 / Disagreement

Any disagreement must be passed to the Race Direction within 30 minutes after the publication of the results.

8 / Insurance

The organization garanty an insurance for all competitors with a valid licence. For non- licenced, it is strongly recommended to check your insurance policy.

9 / Cancellation and Refund

In case of withdrawal :

  • Before 30/04/2019 : 80 % of the registration fee will be refunded
  • After the 01/05/2019 , no refund can be made (except in the case of a replacement by you with required information to the organization or waiting list – 15% processing fee you will be retained)

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